Yarn Resources

There are literally thousands of different yarns on the market. From fine cashmere threads from Italy to recycled Sari silk ribbon from India, the choices can be overwhelming.

Here is a list of our favorite yarns that should be in every studio.


SAORI yarns are available through authorized distributors.

SAORI yarns are available through authorized distributors.

Studio Yarns

For everyday studio yarns that are readily available, I recommend Maurice Brassard. Brassard yarns are available in a variety of textures and colors, and are sold in 8 ounce tubes. The color card is reasonably priced. My preferred online resource for Maurice Brassard yarns is The Woolery. 

Maurice Brassard 8/2 Unmercerized Cotton - This is a high quality cotton yarn that is available in dozens of colors. It works beautifully in warps. It is sold on an 8 ounce tube, which is a good size for a personal studio. 


Maurice Brassard 8/2 Cottolin  - Another beautiful yarn from Maurice Brassard. This cottolin is 60% cotton / 40% linen. It is stronger than the 8/2 unmercerized cotton, and the linen gives the yarn a slightly rough, less processed appearance.


Maurice Brassard Cotton Boucle - This is a beautiful cotton boucle. It is available in dozens of colors. I suggest using it in multiple thread weaving to add texture and create subtle color changes. 


Cotton Chenille - Beautiful yarn, light and soft. While rayon chenille has a beautiful sheen, it is often heavier than cotton and can be difficult to work with. This yarn is available in dozens of colors.

Luxury Yarns

Habu Textiles sells outstanding yarns and fibers, mostly sourced from Japan and Southeast Asia. Their yarns are beautiful and well worth the price. Habu offers hundreds of yarns, many of which are not available through your local yarn shop. For the best selection, consider shopping directly through their online store.


Ito Yarns are imported from Japan. Many Ito yarns are sold on cones. Unfortunately, Ito does not have an online shop. While you might find this brand at your local yarn store, it has been my experience that few stores carry the full line.