Studio Policies

Reserving Studio Time / Method of Payment
First-time students should book studio time directly with the instructor. Weaving Arts Austin may request prepayment via invoice for special classes scheduled directly with the studio, such as group classes, workshops and intensives. Fees for extended studio time are due at the end of each session. Payment must be made by cash or credit card. 

Materials Fee
The materials fee is $3.00/ounce and is subject to Travis County sales tax of 8.25%. Payment for materials is due upon completion of the project.

Ongoing Student Projects
SAORI looms allow students to work on projects over multiple sessions through the use of an inside set. Students working on ongoing projects must schedule their next session with the studio at the end of the current session; open-ending the class schedule is not permitted. Exceptions due to travel, illness, work, etc. may be accommodated within reason.

Inside Set Policy
SAORI inside sets allow students to work on their project over multiple sessions. Inside sets are provided at no additional cost to students enrolled in Advanced Classes and Studio Time. Due to the limited number of inside sets available in the studio, students working on a project over multiple sessions are required to work on their project on a weekly basis, or a minimum of three times within a 30-day period. Students who are unable to visit the studio on a regular basis, as described, now have the option to rent an inside set from the studio. Current students may also purchase a complete SAORI inside set at the studio cost, based on availability. Please contact the studio for details.

Student Rescheduling and/or Cancellation
If the student is unable to attend class, the student must notify the studio by email or text message at least 24-hours before the beginning of class. Cancellations received within the 24-hour window may be rescheduled or forfeited, as determined by Weaving Arts Austin and the circumstances. The student is solely responsible for contacting the studio to reschedule the cancelled class. No-shows will result in forfeited studio time.

Excessive Rescheduling and/or Cancellation
Excessive rescheduling and/or cancellation is defined by rescheduling and/or cancelling two or more studio sessions within a 30-day period. Excessive rescheduling and/or cancellation disrupts the workflow of the studio, creates an unfair burden on the instructor, and jeopardizes the viability of the studio. Recognizing that emergencies and unexpected events occur, excessive rescheduling and/or cancellation, as defined above, automatically releases the studio from its obligation to hold a students ongoing project, which may result in the removal of the project from the inside set. The student may use any remaining paid studio time to begin a new project.

Studio Cancellation
In the event that Weaving Arts Austin must cancel a studio session, the session will be made up at a time agreed upon by both parties. If Weaving Arts Austin is no longer able to offer classes due to an unforeseen occurrence, the studio will refund the unused studio fees based on the hourly rate of the class package, minus the cost of any partially finished work remaining in the studio, which will be calculated based on current materials fee rates.

Use of Purchased Studio Time
All studio time must be used within 60 days of purchase or it will expire. Students who enroll in a class with multiple sessions are welcome to sign up for more than one session per week. Each studio session is a minimum of two-hours long, and can be extended if a loom is available. Studio time for Advanced Class is recorded in a time log, in 30-minute time blocks. The log is maintained by the instructor and is available for student review.

Refund for studio time will be issued on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the instructor. Studio time is non-transferable. Materials are non-returnable and non-refundable. Looms and accessories are non-refundable, barring an error on the part of the manufacturer and/or vendor.

Damage to Studio Warps
Students are offered the option of weaving on a ready-to-weave warp provided by the studio. This is a courtesy extended by the studio at no additional charge. With proper handling, warp threads should not break. In the event that a warp thread breaks or is accidentally cut, the student is obligated to alert the instructor immediately. The time it takes the instructor to repair the warp may be subtracted from the studio session. In the event that a studio warp is seriously and/or irreparably damaged, the student should expect to be asked to reimburse the studio for the labor to repair and/or replace the warp. Costs will be determined by the instructor, and will be calculated by the length, width and weight of the damaged warp, and the labor required to repair and/or replace the warp. Labor fee: $25.00/hour


Additional Policies

Weaving Arts Austin is located in a quiet, residential area. Please be respectful of our neighbors. Parking is available in the driveway and on the street.

Students under the age of 18 years old must be enrolled by a parent or guardian. Weaving Arts Austin is located in a private setting in a building without water or a lavatory. There are facilities in the main house, which students are welcome to use. Under no circumstances will a student under 18 years old be allowed in the main house without being accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Cellphones are not allowed in the studio. Please turn the ringer off upon arrival. Texting is strongly discouraged.

Students are encouraged to take photos of their own work. However, taking photos of other students and their work, or studio reference materials, such as images or essays, is strictly prohibited.

Alcohol, firearms and other weapons are not permitted on the premises. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrance in the studio. Pets are not allowed.

Any work left undisturbed for over 30 days is considered abandoned and will become the property of Weaving Arts Austin.

Weaving Arts Austin reserves the right to update and amend these policies at any time.

Please contact the studio if you have any questions.


Rev 02/16/2018