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Warping Intensive

If you own a SAORI loom and have no idea how to warp it, you are not alone.

While SAORI looms are easy to weave on, the process of warping requires technical skills that are most effectively obtained through hands-on, in-person instruction.

Warping intensives offered at Weaving Arts Austin are designed to strengthen the artists' technical skill set. Whether you are making your first warp, need help troubleshooting your loom, or want to learn advanced warping techniques, you will benefit from a warping intensive. 

We teach to the person, not the equipment. We encourage creativity and independence, not reliance. Students will learn how to warp in a manner that creates a strong foundation from which to grow, both technically and creatively.

Weaving Arts Austin does not engage in high-pressure sales tactics. We do not use instruction as an opportunity to sell you equipment that you do not need. 

Please contact the studio for rates.


A few words about warping...

One of the biggest myths related to weaving is that warping is hard and takes forever. While this might be true when working on more complex machines, this is not the case with the SAORI loom. 

People often stop weaving when it is time to take the leap and make their own warp, either out of anxiety or fear of committing to the process. The SAORI approach to warping is different than traditional weaving. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable SAORI instructor, the complete warping process should take approximately 4 hours. With practice and increased confidence, a warp can be fully prepped and ready to weave in under 3 hours.

Warping takes time, but it is a necessary part of the process. Understanding the technical and creative potential of the warp is essential for one to grow as a SAORI artist and practitioner. Like any skill or art form, it requires time and dedication to become proficient.

A warping intensive is a worthwhile investment. Those who take the time to learn how to warp are rewarded with finished cloth that is entirely their own creation, from their own imagination. The experience is positive and empowering. When a student becomes proficient in warping, it often becomes their favorite part of the process.

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