Trish, working on a black studio warp

Trish, working on a black studio warp

Zen Weaving   -   $80

Spend the day relaxing in the studio and enjoying the practice of SAORI. Zen Weaving is a self-guided session. The loom will be fully prepared and ready for use. Participants will be shown the basics of operating the loom, including winding bobbins and advancing the warp, and will have full access to all studio yarns and fibers. While guests weave independently during the session, the instructor will always be available to offer assistance.

Projects will be created on a black warp and will be taken home at the end of the session. Zen Weaving offers 6 hours of studio time. There is no prerequisite. Materials fee is additional.

Please contact the studio to schedule your session.


Materials fee: $3.00/ounce

Weaving Arts Austin is a registered SAORI Weaving Studio. In keeping with the SAORI philosophy, students are not separated by experience, age or ability. Instead, we all weave together, sharing and learning from each other.