Your own creative space

If you are on your weaving journey, you have probably realized by now that this art form requires a fair amount of supplies. If weaving is your passion, consider taking the leap and creating your own home studio. You do not need much space, just the right equipment.

The following is a list of studio-tested, reasonably priced items to help you get started. Prepare for a trip to IKEA. 

NORDEN Extendable Table from IKEA - $299

While technically considered a dining room table, the NORDEN from Ikea is the perfect table for your studio. It is sturdy enough for sewing, and the extra leaf creates a generous work surface. 


INGOLF Chair from Ikea - $49

The right chair makes all the difference. The INGOLF from Ikea is simple, comfortable, and the proper height for your loom. The wood compliments SAORI looms beautifully.


RASKOG Utility Cart from Ikea - $25

Storing yarns and accessories in plastic bins might keep things neat, but it also stunts your creativity. For $25, the RASKOG Utility Cart is a must-have in any weaving studio. They are well-made, easy to assemble, and hold a lot. This cart has a generous amount of space between the sections, allowing you to store taller items. This cart is available in several colors.


Aluminum folding hand truck - under $40

This lightweight and collapsible dolly allows you to transport your loom with ease. Remember to purchase bungee cords.